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High viscosity agitator

FLS planet high speed disperser
Planet agitator is composed of two or three frame type agitating blades and mobile material cylinder with electrical box .Stirring does planetary motion(side of rotation,side of revolution).And due to precision machined and ting gap between pulp and tank mixing, make the machine has a strong stearing,a strong kneading effect and shorten the time.Suitable for high viscosity material,which viscosity could be above 10 Pa.s,even also can reach 1000 Pa.s.According to heater or cooling,can retrofitting shell out of the material cylinder .The pulp can lift by hydraulic pressure .The material cylinder can be moved when it is released fixed.Easy operation,inside of the material cylinder is treated through polished. To reach the users' requirement for better, the materials' discharging from the bottom(matching binder material may be out of,Rreplacement-style barrel cleaning up is easy). This machine can be made into vaccum type.
Parameter \ Model XSJ60 XSJ120 XSJ200
Power of main KW 4 5.5 7.5
Power of pump KW 0.75 1.1 1.5
Volume L 60 120 180
Revolution shaft r 45 45 32
Rotation r 95 150 87
Form of frame Single column Single column Single column
Suitable to mix , stir high viscosity materials , and to mix material under acuum . Materials can reach mixed requirement in a shorten time through planetary motion of two frame paddle.

Planet mixer/agitator (single column)

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