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WQM horizontal ball mill

S type tri - roller sand mill

LQM vertical ball mill

Auto-controlled double-hydraulic tri-roller sand mill
The machine uses two oil pumps and the auto-control of the hydraulic pressure .The hydraulic system uses the new piling type electromagnetic valve imported from ltaly and it is operated easily.With the auto-control of the hydraulic pressure,pouring out the materials to feed the machine by hand or automatically is safe and easy.Also tightening and relaxing the discharge scraper are controlled by the hydraulic pressure.Every finenesses of the materials grinded will be achieved by the adjustment of the [ressure easily.The rolls are casted with the particular alloy materials for special usc.
The strength of the rolls is high and their surfaces have a high hardness and wear - ability.
Iameter of roll
Length of working
surface of roll
Rotation speed of roll Power of motor
Contour size
Low speed middle speed fast speed
400-450 1300-1400   32  148  400 37-55 5200 2634×1703×2295
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