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DL type bag filte

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Emulsion paint weighting measurement filling machine

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Weighting Type filling machine

DL dual - purpose machine for filtering、filling and transfer

One side polyester felt filter bag
ylon bag stainless steel bag

Latex paint for lacquer

Main features
DLMain features of DL series bag filterit has many advantages such as new and original structure , small volume , easy and flexible operation , saving energy , high efficiency , working air -tightly and strong suitability .It is suitable extensively for the chemical coating , printing ink and food industries.
The DL series machines have single - drum type filter and double - drum type filter . They can match a transfer pump and they can be installed on a mobile handcart together . The protecting nettings of the filter bags are made of stainless steel . The other parts are made of carbon steel or carbon steel or stainless steel in order to be selected by the users of filtering different media.
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