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C84-III reflectivity detected

ZQ-II conical bending tester

QBJ cupping tester

Paper tape friction tester

WZJ-II T type bend-over tester

Standard light box

The hardness tester BY pencil

Dry film thickness gauge

QBB bend relative density cup

YZQ-II cylinder shaft bending instrument

Fixed wet film coating device

XB bar

Portable viscosity cup

Standard formula color card

Determination cardboard

HGD case delimitter

WGG gloss instrument

Blending knife

QHQ paint film scratch hardness tester via pencil

CJQ-II impact tester

NDJ-1 rotary viscosimeter

STM-III stormer viscometer

STM-IV stormer viscometer

McCotter thickness gauge

ZS hand proofe

T-4 viscosity cup
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