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CTY1000 1500/2000type loading and unloading trucks
cty1000 1500/2000type loading and unloading trucks is a manual hydraulic trucks with no power, no pollution.It has these advantages such as compact structures flexible transportation, easy operation and serves only a small turn radius. Suitable for cargos handling and stacking in factory, workshop, warehouse, station and terminal. It is more suitable for those fire prevention and anti-explosion ground when used with pallet, case, container and other elements of the transport can be realized.Effective in reducing the parts touch polish,Scratches and stacking area, in reducing the handling work, and improve the handling efficiency.

CTY1000 1500/2000 type loading and unloading trucks

The rated capacity kg 1000 1500 2000
Maximum lifting height mm 1600 1600 1600
Load center distance mm 415 450 450
Hoisting speed(No less than) mm/次 25 13 13
Drop speed   controlled controlled controlled
Contour size Length(L) mm 1317 1500 1700
Height(H) mm 750 758 1050
Width(W) mm 1900 1935 2000
Goods fork length mm 830 900 1200
Good fork adjustment width mm 200-440 240-560 240-1010
The minimum ground clearance (≥) mm 30 30 30
The lateral bending radius(≤) mm 1500 1500 1500
wheel Diameter of front wheel mm Φ100 Φ100 Φ100
Diameter of back wheel mm Φ200 Φ200 Φ200
Self-reverence kg 214 280 280
COT Drum Dumper
The rated capacity kg 350
Hoisting heigh mm 1500
rotation mm >180°
Contour size(L×W×H)   1500×920×2000
Self-reverence kg 200
Volume Contour sizeA×B Mouth size
100L Φ500×500 1½"
150L Φ600×600 1½"
200L Φ650×650 1½"
250L Φ700×700 1½"
300L Φ750×750 1½"
400L Φ800×800 1½"
500L Φ900×800 1½"
600L Φ900×900 1½"
700L Φ1000×900 2"
800L Φ1000×1000 2"
900L Φ1100×1000 2"
1000L Φ1100×1100 2"
1200L Φ1200×1100 2"
1300L Φ1200×1200 2"
Besides apccification as above,the specification can be made as users' requirements.No lids and feeding valve with the mobile pull cylinder.
Mobile pull cylinder parameter
Side wheel Bottom wheel
Suitable for agitator, disperser, grinder supporting use, easy cleaning, can satisfy to put in all sorts of materials.
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